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Used Fitness Equipment Buyers Guide

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Strength Equipment / Home Gyms - Check out our new home gyms starting at $1199
There are steals to be had when it comes to strength equipment and home gyms. The great thing about buying them used is that they are usually in close to new condition with the exception of the upholstery and cable systems when you are looking at high quality gyms. Top quality brands include Vectra Fitness, Hoist Fitness, Tuff Stuff Fitness, Paramount, Cybex, Precor, Pacific Fitness, In-Shape, and Maxicam among others. Poor quality brands include Iron Gym, Joe Weider Gyms, Total Gym, Bowflex, SoloFlex, PowerTec and Body Solid. The biggest challenge with buying a home gym is getting it to your home! Buying a home gym private party (such as craigs-list) can be a great deal, but sometimes not worth the hassle. It takes a special skill set to understand the cable routing, weight stack removal, and dismantling of a home gym. Getting it out of the original owner's home, into a vehicle that can transport the machine, and finally installed and adjusted properly in your home is a lot of work. We take care of the hard part for you. When you buy a used gym from our store, we offer it with delivery and assembly in your home by our experienced delivery professionals. You won't have to break your back, or spend hours trying to get a machine set up. Simply buy from us, schedule delivery and get straight to the workout!
Check out our selection of used home gyms/strength equipment>
Treadmills - Check out our new treadmill lineup starting at $1399
Treadmills are probably the most challenging piece of equipment to find when it comes to good quality used machines. If you go on craigs-list right now, you will find hundreds of low-end machines that people are begging to get rid of. Most of them are better off in the landfill than in your home. The poor quality treadmills to watch out for are Pro-Form, Weslo, NordicTrack, IronMan, Reebok, Vitamaster, Sole, and Smooth. Many of these brands change their models so frequently that they do not have parts for models only 2-3 years old and nobody wants to repair them when they break down (which they will - trust me). The better quality treadmills are made by Landice, True, Precor, Vision Fitness and Bodyguard - just to name a few. Moving a treadmill from one home to another is more of a chore than you might think. While nowhere near as difficult as the home gyms, they all have their quirks and to the average person who has not done it before, it would be considered difficult. They are heavy, awkward, and have electronics - all bad things if you don't know what you are doing. We take care of the hard part for you. When you buy a used treadmill from our store, we offer it with delivery and assembly in your home by our experienced delivery professionals. You won't have to break your back, or spend hours trying to get your treadmill set up. Simply buy from us, schedule delivery and get straight to the workout!
Check out our selection of used treadmills>
Elliptical Trainers - Check out our new elliptical trainer lineup starting at $1099
Elliptical trainers have changed so much - even in just the last 5 years that I would not even consider buying a used one. If you simply can't afford to buy a new Octane or Vision Fitness Elliptical, you should probably consider a bike. Most of the lower end ellipticals can be potentially hazardous. Ellipticals make you conform to their path of motion - not YOUR path of motion. If that path of motion does not work for you, it can wear on your knees, ankles and hips - causing undue joint and tendon stress. I would urge you to go new due to the recent advancements in biomechanics and body-mapping. The new ellipticals are just much easier on the body. If you happen to come across an Octane Fitness Elliptical or Vision Fitness Suspension Elliptical used...snatch it up!
Check out our selection of used ellipticals>
Exercise Bikes - Check out our new exercise bike lineup starting at $299
Exercise bikes are available in many sizes, shapes and colors. The most important thing when looking at bikes is that it adjusts to fit you properly. There are various types of resistance systems and quality levels. For the most part the higher quality bikes are heavy, have a belt drive system (not a chain), and use magnetic resistance (not a friction strap or pads). If you have questions about a used bike, please feel free to contact us with your questions. We usually have a good selection of high quality bikes.
Check out our selection of used exercise bikes>
Indoor Cycles - Check out our new indoor cycle lineup starting at $399
You probably don't want to hear this, but it is really hard to find a used indoor cycle. When they go into a home, they rarely come back out! Indoor Cycle users love their bikes and usually never let them go. While you might think that a club would get rid of their bikes - what we have found is that they really don't until the cost to repair the bike exceeds the cost to just buy a new one. Therefore most of the bikes that come out of clubs get recycled. If you happen to find a good quality spin bike used that is in good condition - go buy a lottery ticket, because it is your lucky day!
Check out our selection of used exercise bikes>
Steppers - Check out our new stepper lineup starting at $1399
Similar to spin bikes, it is really hard to find a good stepper in good condition used. With fewer and fewer manufacturers making stair steppers and ellipticals taking away the customers that used to like the steppers, there are very few sold. And the ones that are get bought are usually bought by the die-hards that love them and will never get rid of them. The clubs usually burn them out to the point where it is as expensive to repair as buy new.
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